Cell Reports journal cover - Volume 32 Issue 11 - sept 2020

K. Drareni publishes in Cell Reports

Adipocyte Reprogramming by the Transcriptional Coregulator GPS2 Impacts Beta Cell Insulin Secretion

Glucose homeostasis is maintained through organ crosstalk that regulates secretion of insulin to keep blood glucose levels within a physiological range. In type 2 diabetes, this coordinated response is altered, leading to a deregulation of beta cell function and inadequate insulin secretion. Reprogramming of white adipose tissue has a central role in this deregulation, but the critical regulatory components remain unclear. In this work, authors demonstrate that expression of the transcriptional coregulator GPS2 in white adipose tissue is correlated with insulin secretion rate in humans. The causality of this relationship is confirmed using adipocyte-specific GPS2 knockout mice, in which inappropriate secretion of insulin promotes glucose intolerance. This phenotype is driven by adipose-tissue-secreted factors, which cause increased pancreatic islet inflammation and impaired beta cell function. Thus, the present study suggests that, in mice and in humans, GPS2 controls the reprogramming of white adipocytes to influence pancreatic islet function and insulin secretion.

Graphical abstract - Drareni et al, Cell Reports Sept 2020

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