Immunity & Metabolism of Diabetes

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IMMEDIAB: Innovation in diabetes research

IMMEDIAB stands for immunity and metabolism of diabetes. We work towards revealing therapeutic potential of immunometabolism in the world’s fastest growing disease, diabetes.

Learning centre

Education is the first step toward managing diabetes. 

Our learning centre is designed to help you understand diabetes and what you can do to get the best results from your care.

Working groups

Transcriptomics & Epigenomics

State-of-the-art studies in genetic susceptibility and epigenetic mechanisms of disease


Immunometabolism at its finest, groundbreaking work bridging the gap between two fields


Probing the mechanisms that fuel cellular function in health and disease

functional genomics

Cutting-edge analytical techniques bridging all working groups, driving towards precision therapy

Clinical science

Ensuring our work reaches the patient, bench-to-bedside has never looked better

PhD student working in the lab


European Research Council
Société Francophone du Diabète
Fondation Francophone pour la Recherche sur le Diabète
European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes
Agence Nationale de la Recherche

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