Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics

S. Girardot publishes in Diabetes Technol Ther

Kalman Filter-Based Novel Methodology to Assess Insulin Pump Accuracy

Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion is one of the best ways to achieve optimal glucose control and to prevent chronic complications in patients with type 1 diabetes. It is also one of the main components for an artificial pancreas system. However, the achievement of recommended glycemic control remains a challenge in this population. Indeed, the accuracy of continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion is essential for glycemic control and to-date such metric has not been given sufficient study, especially at the range of the lowest basal rate.

Currently, the gold standard for CSII assessment precision is based on the IEC 60601-2-24 standard, which uses the so called time-stamped microgravimetric method. Despite consistent improvements in over the years, these techniques still face technical and practical limitations.

Thus, it is necessary to develop methods that improve the assessment of continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion performance to guarantee accurate insulin administration. The current study proposes a novel measurement method with improved temporal resolution and higher precision at a low flow rate to assess CSII accuracy while tackling the previously identified limitations. This new method is illustrated by testing a current off-the-shelf insulin pump at several basal rates, including the smallest range level.

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