“Energy may be likened to the bending of a cross bow; decision to the releasing of the trigger” Sun Tzu

Lipid droplets in macrophages Oil Red O Immune cells
Immune cell metabolism. Macrophages (cells of the innate immune system) induced to produce more lipids (lipogenesis) and stained with Oil Red O to visualise lipid droplets.

Cells of the immune system, like those of any other, require their own metabolism to function appropriately. Diabetes is a disease of largely metabolic aetiology, yet it is now widely considered an inflammatory condition. This inflammation arises from the aberrant activation of the immune system. The Bioenergetics Group derives its name from understanding how these two worlds interact, the metabolic disturbance in diabetes and the bioenergetic response of the body’s immune system. 

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Key facts

We investigate the mechanisms that fuel immune effector function in diabetes. We widen the repertoire of actionable therapeutic targets through interrogating the bioenergetic mechanisms underlying inflammation. 

Current studies
*Clinical study of inflammation related biomarkers in the development and progression of type-2 diabetes and its complications
*Therapeutic target discovery in controlling aberrant innate immune responses 

Human resources

Charline Potier (Technician)
Tina Ejlalmanesh (Engineer)
Lucie Orliaguet (PhD candidate)
Ronan Thibaut (Post-doc)
Fawaz Alzaid (Principal investigator)

Major publications

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